Experiential Learning Berlin-America

The International Office, together with professors from Departments II and V, has obtained funding for the four-year project ELBA (Experiential Learning Berlin America). It is funded by the DAAD through the HAW International programme (2021 - 2024).

The project is designed to enable students, doctoral candidates and staff to gain professional and research-relevant experience at the partner university The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). At the same time, relations with TCNJ are to be strengthened and expanded.

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Beuth University for the innovatively minded.

Beuth University for Applied Sciences is a public university in Berlin and is consistently ranked amoung the 100 best universities in Germany. The university aims to provide quality teaching and research opportunities for its students and staff. Beuth has created partnerships with universities across the globa and a part of its high standard of education comes from its willingness to diversify and learn from the rest of the world. To visit the main Beuth University website, click here.



About TCNJ

Take a virtuel at TCNJ.

TCNJ was founded in 1885 and is located in idyllic settings, which is perfect to foster learning and development. The beautiful campus is located in commuting distance between New York City and Philadelphia.  The university is consistently ranked one of the best four year colleges in the United States and they maintain a high standards, with state of the arts, modern laboratories and equiptment which is fully accessible as early as the Bachelors level. To learn more about their facilities click here.

More inforation on TCNJ coming soon.

Personal Experiences

More coming soon, when the first Beuth students have gone on their ELBA.

As a part of the ELBA exchange, the students and researchers are going to write blog posts about their experience. We will post them here, so you can follow their adventure from home.