Tech-Startups, Datenökonomie und Data Value Chains


(Big / Smart) Data technologies hold enormous economic potential for Germany and Europe. They improve and accelerate decisions, optimize business processes and ultimately provide a basis for the European Digital Single Market. Last year alone, companies in this country have implemented more than six billion euros with big data solutions.

The Data Science working group supports founders in tech startups. Typically, they recombine existing data in your concept or gain new data. This gives you exclusive "signals" for process optimization. The signals give you or your customers the decisive edge.

Typically, your business plan serves a market niche in one of four areas:


  1. Optimal knowledge what custumers will by for n = [1, "all"] and t = ["now'],  ['tomorrow'].For example, your application helps the company answer the following questions: Who is a lead? What is the value of the lead? Which companies are new competitors? Which company should we buy soon? Which product do our customers wish for soon? Why did the customer jump off before buying?
  2. Support the effciency of a team in the company. Chess players can consult a computer to determine together the optimal next move. Is that also possible for teams in the company? Examples of applications are: Which customers should be contacted by the salesteam? What wishes should be clarified by the call center in a personal conversation? Which fraudulent customer orders should the sales or the collection company look at?
  3. Minimize the use of natural resources, maximize the use of existing infrastructures.     Minimize the use of natural resources, maximize the use of existing infrastructures. Your idea helps to make better use of scarce resources in cities and companies (energy, land, water, roads, fleets, machinery, medical equipment, wind farms, ...) or predicts a failure. Cows of your farmers are healthier because a sensor helps the farmer to find optimal nutrition and exercise plans?
  4. Maximize the lead in the development or use of given technology.  Do you have a new solution for a self-optimizing database? Your text mining tool automatically detects customer behavior and connects to the data warehouse? Do you help programmers implement a customer problem in a third of the time because your technology automatically programs and monitors itself? Your car / robot / ... drives itself and learns it?

The Founding Workshop of the Beuth University is a start-up incubator, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research as well as the European Social Fund. Together with the Data Science working group, we sharpen your business plans.

Additional Information:

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