Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

The course "Enterprise Data Management" (EDM) is part of the master program in Media Informatics and takes place in the 3rd semester.

The course takes place in cooperation with companies and universities. Partners in WS 2013/2014 were TU Berlin and Neofonie GmbH, in summer 2014 Zalando.de, Springermedizin.de and TU Berlin. The topics are designed together with the partners and conveyed during the lectures and projects. Examples of topics have been in the past:

  • Data Value: Value of Data for Business Process Optimization, Data Driven Services
  • Data Mining: clustering, classification, measurability
  • Search:Request Intention, Retrieval Models (TF / IDF, Page Rank, Language Models), Text Mining
  • Big Data Management: HDFS, Map/Reduce, Hive, HBASE, Cloudera Impala, Parquet.io (see also Hadoop Ökosystem)


After the EDM event, students can continue their project with us or the companies involved in the master's thesis.

Contact for companies and students: Alexander Löser