Complex business decisions are often supported by understandable data analytics. Professors of the departments of "Mathematics" and "Computer Science and Media" work with students and industrial partners on the topic of the future "Data Science".

Data Scientists are in great demand at companies.

These include highly trained computer scientists who have a command of scalable database technologies, have sufficient statistical knowledge to build predictive models, and, most importantly, know how to extract data from insights and translate them into valuable leads.

University professors of the departments of "Mathematics" (FB 2) and "Computer Science and Media" (FB 6) have recognized this "gap" in their training. They offer courses in Media Informatics and Mathematics on "Data Science". These include databases (Sauer, Löser), programming on distributed systems (Edlich) and data mining (Löser, Erdelt).

What should a data scientist do and how can a software abstraction support the data scientist?

Shivakumar Vaithyanathan, IBM Fellow, auf der Strata 2015.