Graduiertenschule "Data Science + X"

Graduierte und Hochschullehrer
Graduated and professors f. l. t. r.: Felix Kunde, Agathe Merceron, Kristian Hildebrand, Stephan Pieper, Petra Sauer, Petra Sauer, Felix Gers, Torsten Kilias, Alexander Löser, Stefan Edlich, Sebastian Arnold and Eduard Bergen

The graduate school of the working group "Data Science" promotes the qualification of employees with scientific tasks (m / f) within the framework of thematically focused research projects.


In a structured qualification concept, employees are given the opportunity to hold several meetings a month with the supervisors at the Beuth University and external reviewers. In addition, all employees meet with all supervisors in a joint colloquium several times a year.

The interdisciplinary orientation is based, for example, on business administration, pedagogical, medical or geographical computer science problems and on projects from the programs of the BMWi or BMBF. The aim of the graduate school is to prepare the doctoral candidates intensively for the complex job market "Data Science + Specialist Domain" and at the same time to support their early scientific independence.