The program, which is currently under development, consists of the following four stages:


1) April 2016: Information (on further education or higher education)

(Half-)day session: the university together with representatives of the local chambers of commerce and trade as well as participating companies, for around 40 participants

  • Highlighting various paths of training/further education and means of support, as well as study opportunities on offer in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subject areas, requirements and opportunities for refugees, e. g. gaining admission to a training or degree program even without written proof of past qualifications
  • Start of the peer-mentoring program
  • Language of instruction: English, with Arabic translation if necessary
2) May 2016: Orientation stage

Welcoming seminar

  • Interdisciplinary orientation seminar over several weeks, concluding with an aptitude test for around 20-25 participants
  • It will highlight various study opportunities in STEM subject areas at the university
  • It will allow participants to become familiar with potential course content and the organization of studies by attending classes, going on excursions and working through case studies.
  • There will be an aptitude test leading to the next stage.
  • Language of instruction: English/German
3) June – July 2016: General Studies
  • Participants will attend two intensive block classes as a guest student
  • The classes will deal with the following subjects: "Living and Working in Germany" and "Prob-lem-Based Learning"
  • Language of instruction: English/German.
4) Starting in October 2016 (winter semester 2016/2017): Admission to a degree program
  • Should participants have sufficient knowledge of German, they will be integrated into a degree program, provided that they have the necessary minimum qualifications.
  • Language of instruction: German