New English classes in the General Studies section (Studium generale)

  • English for AI, Embedded and Robotic Systems
  • English for Start-Ups and Business Innovation

More info on these two courses to follow shortly.

Language, Society and Power (C1)

Language, Society and Power—how are these three things linked?

Today we live in a world where what people say has a great impact on our society.
From Fake News to social media to the words of politicians, we’re constantly confronted with different ideas expressed in language.

How does language affect society? How does it affect our interaction? What is the relationship between language and power?

In this course, we will explore language from a sociolinguistic perspective.  We will analyze language and see how powerful it is in today’s society.   We will look at how language can be used to oppress and manipulate and how it can also be used to empower and spread wonderful ideas.

It is recommended that you have a C1 level to take this course as we will be reading about linguistic theory and writing texts at an academic level. 

For more information, get in touch with Vanessa Arnold (vanessa.arnold(at)


Digital Communication Skills (B2)

Do you send e-mails regularly in English and want to know more about ‘Netiquette’?

Want to network online in an international community or perhaps apply for a position at a cool start-up? Want to learn how to navigate and present yourself on social media effectively and professionally?

Then we’ve got the course for you!

Starting in the winter semester 2018, we’ll be offering an elective course called ‘Digital Communication Skills’.  In this course we’ll be covering topics like ‘Networking with Social Media’ and ‘Digital Marketing’.  We’ll also be covering professional/academic writing skills in order for students to be able to present themselves confidently in writing.

For more information, get in touch with Vanessa Arnold (vanessa.arnold(at)