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The research and development project “MoMo” was launched at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in June 2011. Starting with the two main parts “Mobile Computing” and “Eco-Mobility”, the team does research on complex questions of today’s issues.

“Mobile Computing” partly continues the work of the IT-part “visitor information systems” of the previous project “BAER2FIT”, which ended in October 2011. In “MoMo”, research goes even further. Developing innovative and practical Applications (Apps) - with great usability - for mobile devices is the main aim.

The team of the second sub-project “Eco-Mobility” used to work on the improvement of battery performance for electric vehicles and the development of new charging options.

The project is sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund until 30th June 2015.

The project consist of the sub-projects „Mobile Computing“ and „Eco-Mobility“.

The crosslinks of their different focuses on research are shown in the figure.


Mobile Computing

Developing innovative, trendsetting and practical Applications for Smartphones and Tablet-PCs is the aim of sub-project “Mobile Computing”.

Latest technologies are tested, improved and put into practice when designing and During the design and implementationing of mobile visitor -information- systems and as well as also during positioning and navigation within buildings, latest technologies are tested, advanced and realized. Especially Something special is the flexibility of the modular structured applications which makes them individually adaptable to many topics and contents.



Within the sub-project “Eco-Mobility”, alternatives to for current present solutions in the field of alternativefor electric mobility were powertrain for cars and other vehicles are developed.

Automated charging technologies, optimized optimised storage systems as well as concepts of low-loss electronic drive-units and an efficient Powerpower- and battery management system: the complete research- and development process is was always orientated practicaclose to the practical usel. The manufacturing and installation of Modern modern high -energy -cells constituted the base for all further developments. The focus is was set on the development of a battery management system, which is supposed to enhance the security and reliability of the transaction battery in order to guarantee a solid determination of the battery charge condition. Besides the evaluation and visualiszation of vehicle measuring data, wireless real time transmission of selected data is were realizedrealised.



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