Felix is a research assistant in the ExCELL project. He has a Bachelor degree in Geography and a Master degree in Geoinformation Science. After his studies he has worked as a database developer for managing 3D city models. Aside from his work at the Beuth University he gives lectures at universities on geodatabases.


Research Interests

  • Spatial data management and storage (RDBMS, NoSQL, HDFS)
  • Spatio-temporal statictics
  • Linear Referencing
  • Machine learning in GIS
  • 3D city modelling
  • Teaching students the greatness of PostGIS


Current Research

  • Short-term traffic forecasting including spatial information using different methods (STARIMA, SVM, Artificial Neural Networks)
  • How to handle missing data in time series
  • Scalable geostatistical algotrithms running on top of Hadoop
  • Open data model for traffic information in OpenStreetMap
  • Mobile databases using the OGC Standard GeoPackage


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Supervised Student Theses and Projects

  • Hozan Ibrahim: Anomaly detection in traffic data
  • Anja Langer: Database design with Geopackage
  • Anass Benabdennbi: Performance comparison between PostGIS, Exasol and Impala
  • Minh Hoang Dang: 3D Visualization of space-time hot spots (Getis Ord) using Three.js
  • Andreas Wolf: Traffic foreasting with STARMA using Python
  • Manal Faraj: Traffic forecasting with LSTM Neural Networks (DL4J)
  • Salka Waterloo: Fixing missing data in time series using R
  • René Jablonski: Processing real-time traffic data using Apache Spark
  • Fabian Mallach: Route recommendation using a KNN approach
  • Yohan Burneleau: Interactive web app for taxi trips using Node.js and D3.js
  • Akshara Chukkannagari: Matching algorithm for WFS queries
  • Amgad Agoub: Storing GML application schemas in graph or multi model databases