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ICOODB International Conference on Objects and Databases 2010


In this section you will be able to trace some of the highlights of this conference: Videos and Slides. So enjoy, link to us and recommend us. Thanks a lot and we hope to see you again in 2010!


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In June 2008 we published the proceedings that have been peer reviewed by recommended scientists. Please contact the conference organisation or edlich*at* to order your copy.

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ICOODB 2008 was the first international conference on object databases in this century. We had nearly 150 Visitors from over 20 countries. We had 25 talks with several strong keynotes. Additionally we had some hot invited talks: e.g.  Ralf Westphal (Transactional Memory and Amazon SimpleDB) and Chris Beams (Spring Source) that have been most appreciated by the visitors. We had poster sessions and some nice book exibithors on site (Lehmanns, dPunkt, Heise und Software & Support). Even Oracle was strongly engaged on ICOODB 2008 with talks and more. The conference was a big success not only because of it's dual model - it adressed scientists (science day) and the industrie (application day) -, but also of it's discussions. We had plenty of - partially hot - discussions inbetween the talks and this was most valued by all visitors. We were even able to add talks during the conference that had been wished by the ICOODB visitors.

Conference Chairs: Stefan Edlich & James Paterson

Visit the original Webpage: ICOODB 2008

ICOODB 2008 Media Coverage

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  • Video & Slides Keynote: Robert Greene / Versant,
    "Object Databases - 2008+".
  • Video & Slides  Keynote: Leon Guzenda / Objectivity.
  • Video & Slides  Keynote: Christof Wittig / db4objects.
  • Video & Slides Carl Rosenberger, "Just Objects, no Limits: an outlook on the potential of object databases", .
  • Slides Ralf Westphal, "Simple DB - Amazon's database "in the cloud" .
  • Slides Ralf Westphal, "Software Transactional Memory" .

Program 2008

  1. Christof Wittig, db4objects Inc. "ODBMS 2.0 - how todays object databases are here to stay"
  2. Robert Greene, Versant Inc. "Exploding Data Volumes, Data Integration, Performance and Scalability Management for Unlimited Users - How Object Databases can be Used to Address Tomorrow's Database-related Key Challenges"
  3. Leon Guzenda, Objectivity Inc. , "Using an Advanced ODBMS for Distributed Data Fusion In a Grid Environment"
  4. Mike Card, OMG "Next generation standards efforts in OMG"
  5. Roberto Zicari, University of Frankfurt, "Object Oriented Databases: Where did they go?"
  6. Carl Rosenberger, db4objects Inc. "Just Objects, no Limits: an outlook on the potential of object databases"
  7. Ralf Westphal, "NTSM / Software Transactional Memory and .NET"
  8. Ralf Westphal, "SimpleDB - A database in the clouds..."
  9. Kazimierz Subieta, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology "Stack-Based Architecture and Stack-Based Query Language"
  10. Moira Norrie, Michael Grossniklaus, ETH Zürich, "Semantic Data Management for db4o"
  11. Tomasz Kowalski, Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, Implementation and Testing of SBQL Object-Relational Wrapper Supporting Query Optimisation
  12. Tomasz Pieciukiewicz, Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology, "Recursive Query Processing in SBQL"
  13. Carsten Czarski, Oracle Inc., " Applications of object-relational database technology in the Oracle RDBMS"
  14. Christian Romberg, Versant Inc. "OODB for .NET Enterprise Applications"
  15. Klaus Wüstefeld, Creator uf Prevayler "Prevayler - Do you still use a database?"
  16. Krzysztof Stencel, PJIIT, "Overview of the Project ODRA"
  17. Krzysztof Kaczmarski,Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology,"Object Oriented Database Prototype as a Model Execution Engine for Executable UML"
  18. Chris Beams, Spring Source, "Effective enterprise OODB integration with Spring and DB4O"
  19. Andy Jefferson, JPOX, "Use of standardised APIs (JDO/JPA) with DB4O and other object datastores"
  20. Christian Ernst, Markus Kuppe, Versant Inc. "An Eclipse Toolchain for Rapid Java Development Using Transparent Persistence"
  21. Mikael Kopteff, Floobs Ltd., "The Usage and Performance of Object Databases compared with ORM tools in a Java environment"
  22. Dusan Petkovic, FH-Rosenheim, "Type and Table Hierarchies in SQL:2003 and an Enterprise DBMS: A Comparison"
  23. Niklas Mehner, "Orthogonal Persistence Revisited"
  24. J.B.Evain, "LINQ"
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