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ICOODB International Conference on Objects and Databases 2010


Each Conference (2009, 2009, 2010, 2011, etc.) has and will constitute specific regulations for the CfP!

Please visit ICOODB 2010 here to see the last specific instructions soon.

ICOODB 2010 calls for the following contributions:

  • Call for Research Papers
  • Call for Industry Presentations
  • Call for Tutorial Proposals
  • Call for Demonstrations / Posters

Call for Research Papers

We invite submissions of papers detailing original research
contributions on any topic related to object databases. These
topics may address issues related to data models and database
design, software engineering and application frameworks, database
architectures and systems, database languages and theoretical
foundations. Selected papers will be presented at the conference
and the papers published in the conference proceedings
(publication details to be provided later).

Topics of Interest

General topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:
       object data models
       design of object databases
       application development and application frameworks
       software engineering issues
       programming language issues
       semantics of object databases
       object storage systems
       object query languages
       transaction management for object databases
       access structures and indexing in object databases
       constraint models and mechanisms
       event models and mechanisms
       distributed object databases
       architecture and engineering of object database engines
       object-oriented frameworks for data management
       evaluation of object databases
       novel applications of object databases
       object databases in education
       cloude data stores
       document stores
       nosql databases
       ontologies and object stores

Submission of Papers

The deadline for submissions is 30 MAY 2010 . Research papers
should be submitted through the online submission system.
Papers should be formatted according to the LNCS guidelines and
must not be longer than 15 pages. Research papers should be
original and the authors should clearly indicate the
contributions of the work relative to the state of the art.

Call for Industry Presentations

We invite proposals for individual technical talks for the
industrial track.
We particularly encourage user presentations and user case studies.
A talk proposal should consist of a 500 word abstract and it
should outline the technical content of the talk. Authors should
also include a short biography (2-3 sentences). Submissions will
be reviewed by the Chairs of the Industrial Track together with
members of the ICOODB Steering Committee. The Chairs of the
Industrial Track may contact potential speakers for further
details during the evaluation process.

The deadline for submissions is 30 MAY 2010. Proposals should be
submitted through the online submission system.

Industrial Track Chairs
Anat Gafni, db4objects, USA
Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University, Germany

Call for Tutorial Proposals


We solicit proposals for tutorials for the ICOODB 2010
Tutorials must provide an in-depth survey of a well-defined topic
with the option of describing a particular technology or system
in detail. We would also encourage presenters to provide a
summary of open issues.

Proposals for tutorials should be a maximum of 5 pages (typically
using 11pt font and single column format). Sufficient details
should be provided to allow the evaluators to determine the scope
and depth of the material to be covered. It should also indicate
the structure of the tutorial in terms of how the time of 3 hours
will be allocated to the material. While it is not required that
tutorials be original, the proposers should also include
information about other events where they have presented all or
part of the material and explain how this tutorial will differ.
Tutorial proposals must also clearly identify the target audience
and any prerequisite knowledge for attendees. A brief
professional biography (no more than 3 sentences) should also be
Tutorial notes will be published by ODBMS.ORG (

The deadline for submissions is 30 MAY 2010.
Proposals should be submitted through the online submission system.

Notification of acceptance: July 1, 2010
Final version of the tutorial due: September 1, 2010

Tutorial Chairs
Jim Paterson,  Glasgow Caledonian University, UK
Beat Signer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Call for Demonstrations

ICOODB 2010 will host a demo session on the evening of the first day.
With a mix of demos from industry and research, participants will
be able to see some of the latest developments in products and
applications as well as on-going research projects. It will also
provide an excellent opportunity for leading members of both
communities to interact.

We invite contributions from both the industry and research
sectors that will demonstrate innovative technologies and/or
applications related to object databases. Technologies may
address issues related to database design, software engineering
and application frameworks, database architectures and systems or
database languages, new data stores, user-based projects.

Demonstrations will be selected by the organizing committee based
on submissions which should take the form of a one-page summary
of what will be shown in the demo. The submissions should clearly
describe the functionality of the underlying software and detail
what the actual form of the demo will be in terms of what
participants will see and how they can interact with the demo.
The descriptions should be 1-2 pages in length (typically using
11pt font and single-column format).
Demonstration proposals should be submitted through the online
submission system.

Important Dates
30 June 2010
Notification of acceptance 
10 July 2010

Demonstrations and Posters Chairs
Stefan Edlich, Beuth University Berlin, Germany
Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University, Germany

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