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ICOODB International Conference on Objects and Databases 2010


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ICOODB 2010 was in Frankfurt.
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3rd International Conference on Objects and Databases.
September 28-30, 2010, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

ICOODB 2010 was located at Goethe Universität Frankfurt and had extended it's scope and name to Objects and Databases in general. Additionally the conference expanded with more and new topics on objects and on databases.

Watch the keynote panel "New and old Data stores" here!

More information here:

The CfP Section on the left side also had a call for:

  • Research Papers (LNCS published)
  • Industry Presentations
  • Demonstrations / Posters and
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops: NoSQL Workshop & Meetup 28th Sept 2010.


ICOODB 2009 was second International Conferences on Object Databases in this century. After a successful start 2008 in Berlin, the conference runs every year at a different location. 2009 was located at ETH Zürich (link here). It was a unique opportunity for scientists, the industry, developers and students to meet in person and exchange insights on object databases.  This conference is aimed at people with an interest in objects and databases, innovative ways to bring objects and databases together and also in alternatives / extensions to relational databases / mappers.


Object databases are the right choice for a certain class of application, to save developers cost and time and help them to build more feature rich OO applications. They enrich the database space that is sometimes seen as being entirely filled by relational databases and O/R mappers. Thus one of the purposes of this conference is to support a better understanding where to use ODBMSs / other non relational solutions and why. In this spirit we would like to invite you to join this conference, propose a paper or a talk, show a poster or simply visit or get in touch with us. If you are interested in this topic in general visit and read the expert articles or browse the free section

containing lecture notes, tutorials, articles and more.


Please have a look at the specific policies of the local conference each year!
Topics of interest in the tracks include, but are not limited to:

  • object data models
  • design of object databases
  • application development and application frameworks
  • software engineering issues
  • programming language issues
  • semantics of object databases
  • object storage systems
  • object query languages
  • transaction management for object databases
  • access structures and indexing in object databases
  • constraint models and mechanisms
  • event models and mechanisms
  • distributed object databases
  • architecture and engineering of object database engines
  • object-oriented frameworks for data management
  • evaluation of object databases
  • novel applications of object databases
  • object databases in education
  • cloude data stores
  • document stores
  • nosql databases
  • ontologies and object stores

If you can make a contribution on any of these topics, or on any other related topic, then please contact us.

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