Data Science (Elective Module)

The course "Data Science" is an optional subject held at the VFH and the Beuth Hochschule. In the Media Informatics Master Online study course, the following contents are touched upon in the third semester:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • I MATH: vectors, matrices, probability calculus, statistics
  • II CS 4 DATA SCIENCE: BigData Architectures, CloudComputing, Amazon AWS & Co, Docker, ContainerMan, WebAPIs, Discovery, CI, Infrastructure as a Code, NoSQL, Search, Hadoop / Yarn, InMemoryProcessing
  • III BASIC TOOLS:  DataPreparation, Visualize-Principles, Visualize-Tools, Monitoring, Python, Python4DS, R, Julia
  • IV MACHINE LEARNING: ML Introdurction, Regression, Instance-Based-KNN, Decision-Trees, Clustering k-Means, Beaysian ML, Regularization/ Kernel-Methods/Association-Rules, Dim-Reduction, Ensemble-Methods, Artificial Neuronal Networks
  • V PRACTICE: Datasets, ML-Workbenches, HandsOn, Tell-a-Story
  • VI ADVANCED DATA SCIENCE: Big Data Analytic Engines, Deep-Learning, ML as a Service, Text Mining / NLP, Urban-Tech / Blockchains, IoT, Anomalie/Outlier Detection.

 Contact Person: Stefan Edlich