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Call for Papers

The CFP has ended.

However if you have a brilliant idea, contact us as we do have enough space.

We call to send us talks for the first (:clojureD) Conference.

The conference is open for all topics. But we will not push extremely cool talks as blue squirrels on flying drones ;-) Our main pupose is to learn more clojure with basic and advanced topics.

We plan

  • Standard Talks (ca. 30-40 min)
  • Lightning Talks (ca. 6:20 min)

Please consider to send us your talk. E.g:

  • Clojure Basics
    • e.g. Introduction
    • Datatypes / Typing
    • Multimethods
    • Java Interop
    • Protocols, etc.
    • Macros
    • etc.
  • Clojure Advanced as interesting libs e.g.
    • Macros
    • Concurrency
    • Parser
    • core.* (logic, async, typed, etc.)
    • Incanter
    • etc.
  • up to related topics as:
    • ClojureScript (!)
    • DB Access / Big Data
    • Web Development
    • Music...
  • but also industry practice
  • etc.

It would be great if you can activate speakers with many topics! Good lightning talks are mot much of an effort. Do you know a keynote speaker?

All proposed talks are published before the final program in the schedule here without a name.

To send us proposals, use the template below and send it to

Complete Name:
Normal- / Lightning-Talk:
Level of the talk (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced):
Experiences / References / Background:
Talk Title:
Content of the Talk:


Please note: We can not cover flight or hotel expenses because the entry fee will be low and affordable for everyone!

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